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Use our Drag and Drop editor to swiftly build out your campaign. Like a puzzle where all the pieces fit ... all the time!

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Arabia Mailer comes with an advanced Email Template Builder as well as dozens of pre-built email templates/layouts for you to start on

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We've put together this set of super awesome email templates so that you can make your email campaigns responsive!.

Email Images

Images and visuals are absolutely a critical part of marketing your product or service. To send an email with no images would be both a branding and conversion error. The trick with email is to find a way to use images in a way that will benefit your email's performance rather than detract from it. And yes,email images can be sent from Arabia Mailer the most important things to remember when designing your email template, particularly when it comes to the process of determining how and where to use image files, is that your email template is not a print mailer. It does not have the same flexibility of design that a print mailer would. Users will not navigate an email communication in the same way that they would a printed communication, both in how they respond to it and in how their eyes track through the design

Email Templates For Any Event

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Newsletters, promotions, cards, press releases, events and more. Our templates are like the Boy Scouts. Always prepared.


No matter your market, we've got the templates to keep you in business.


Spread some cheer with our festive email templates. Deliver the warm and fuzzies right to the inbox.

Shelves template - Desktop
Shelves template - Mobile
Pattern Invitation 1 template - Desktop
Pattern Invitation 1 template - Mobile
Auto Dealership template - Desktop
Auto Dealership template - Mobile
Square Announcment template - Desktop
Square Announcment template - Mobile
Pumpkin Truck template - Desktop
Pumpkin Truck template - Mobile
Santa List template - Desktop
Santa List template - Mobile

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A great option if you're HTML savvy and want to build your own email from scratch or edit the HTML of an email template.

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